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WordPress Web Designer based in Brisbane

Most Brisbane business owners need a clean, simple and affordable internet web site to promote their products and services. Research conducted by the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, indicates that for high-involvement, or high-value products and services, 72% of consumers now use the internet for creating a short-list of potential suppliers. And with less expensive mobile internet devices like Android phones and the iPad becoming readily available, this percentage is set to increase.

I build fast, functional and easy to maintain web sites for small businesses, sole traders and organisations for an all up cost of less than $3000 that win my clients’ business.


All you have to do is send me the text you want on each page, any photographs or artwork, then I do the rest. Total time from starting is about 4-5 days.

There are several reasons to consider investing in a simple, clean and affordable web site. These include:

  • Your web site can sell for you 24 hours a day x 7 days a week to a world-wide audience
  • Your web site can support your Yellow Pages ,print, social media and other advertising
  • By using text, pictures, video and audio it can give your prospects and customers far more information than a hurried telephone call
  • You can include testimonials, guarantees and other elements of credibility to enhance the sales process
  • Your web site and domain name will become a business asset with a tangible value that can be sold when the business is sold.
  • Your web site can generate pre-qualified “warm” leads for your sales staff to follow up
  • You can receive orders, bookings and inquiries from anyone connected to the internet
  • You can test new product and business ideas before investing in advertising or business infrastructure
  • If it is designed well, your web site can be easily updated, corrected and improved


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Here’s some examples of some of my recent work. None of these sites cost more than $3000 and included basic Google SEO, web hosting, email hosting and contact forms. Please feel free to call these clients to get a reference.

“I help Brisbane businesses with limited time and limited marketing budgets to get new clients through effective web site design and Google search engine marketing. I build web sites to win my clients business, not win myself graphic design awards. Wherever possible, I design sites using an online content management system and train my clients to use the content management system so that they can make small changes themselves from anywhere in the world. This saves them time and money and differentiates me from my competitors. And because I have low overheads and constant repeat business, I can charge a lot less than the typical $5000 entry level prices that my competitors charge for the same work.”


The Website Development Process

Regular static web pages

Most websites feature standard static pages that tell visitors about your company identity, specialty, and how to get in touch with you. Static pages can be any of the following:
Home Page, About Us, Why Use Us? Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQ, Testimonials.
We collaborate with you to determine precisely what pages you require on your site. We can set up a contact page with an attachment feature and an autoresponder.

Inventory catalogues

If you want to showcase the products you sell on your website, we’ll create an online Inventory Catalogue for you. Simply update or edit your catalog whenever you want. Our Inventory Catalogues are developed as per your specific requirements. If the products you sell warrant several colors or sizes to be listed, we’ll customize that for you.

E-commerce and shopping carts

Having the option to sell products from your website can be complex. We can integrate a shopping cart into your Inventory Catalogue so customers can add items to it as they browse the rest of your products. The shopping cart will determine the necessary postage fees and let customers pay for their purchase online. Once they do, the funds sent straight to either your bank or PayPal account.

Image and photo galleries

Most companies need a Picture Gallery to display their products. Quality imagery can help sell what you have to provide. The Picture Gallery we develop will let you add as many pictures to your site as you want, as often as you choose. Any image you upload will be shown on your website right away.

Social network integration

As of 2016’s fourth quarter, Facebook’s monthly active user total reached 1.86 billion. We can aid you in creating a company profile on Facebook and connect your website to it. We can add Twitter and other social network links on your site also so your visitors can share individual pages with their own friends and followers.

Blog and recent news feature

You can keep your customers updated with the latest about your company through blog articles. Post news about your products or events as much as you want, whenever you choose. You can also schedule each one of your articles to go live at a date of your choosing.

Online newsletters

In the past, creating a newsletter took a lot of time and money. Our Online Newsletter feature eliminates the hassle of printing and mailing, in addition to all the time and money that comes with those hassles. You can create a newsletter on the software of your preference (Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, etc.), save it as a PDF, and upload it to your website from your administration panel. From there, simply email the newsletters to the email addresses of your subscribers.
… and much more
Whatever you require on your site, we can make it for you. If you need features like calendars, online quote forms, application forms, or video presentations, just let us know. We can personalize what you need and integrate it into your site seamlessly.

Web Hosting

Each website needs to be hosted on a server, which is a large, strong computer that contains all the data necessary for visitors to access your website.
By hosting your website through us, it will sit on a quick, reliable, and economical server based in Sydney, Australia.
Our website servers provide all the services and programming languages used by all kinds of websites. Our Website Hosting Package comes with everything you need to run your site, including autoresponders, email, XHTML, HTML and PHP languages, CSS, MySQL databases, Java, and JavaScript.

You can also have as many company emails as you want. You can set them up with email autoresponders that provide people with quick information right after they contact you.
Every hosting account is subject to reasonable usage and excess data fees. Disk space fees may also be charged.

Contact us now with any questions you have about hosting your site on our servers.


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